Sorry for the lack of posts, been too busy online shopping (more like getting my card declined HAHAHAH) and coughing my guts out. With that lovely image in mind……

(Segway πŸ›¬πŸ›¬πŸ›¬) what year is this BTW why do we not have a segway emoji?!?? @APPLE!!!! 

Some basic catch up, the weather is just turning equal parts COLD and WET. Which might sound delightful on their own but together it’s like the devil’s spawn, trust me. OK maybe not as bad BUT it is a horrible timing to get sick in. (You know it’s getting bad when you’re starting to feel major abdominal pains when you cough) I have been sick for approximately half a week now and this cough is showing no mercy. With a presentation on Thursday that makes up 10% of my marks I AM LITERALLY TRYING OUT EVERYTHING IN THE HOPE THAT SOMETHING CAN CURE THIS VIRUS!!!! BOOoOOooOo. 

Next, at least it has been quite eventful this past week or so thanks to end-of-Oct-to-beginning-November festivities. I attended Halloween celebrations and watched the Guy Fawkes Night fireworks display. πŸ™‚ both of which were vastful enjoyable, though on different scales altogether.

Shoutout to ma makeup prodigy/friend Courts!!!! Apparently she was so good at her job she made me unrecognizable to my own mother LOL……#notajoke

Of course I had to B612 (selfie app) this awesome shizz man 

Gonna just put some random clip of the fireworks from Guy Fawkes Night!!! It was really long by any standards man, at least a 15-20 minute thing. Super thankful it went on cos at 4+pm it was still drizzling that dau (and I stared dejectedly out the window from my hella boring accounting class yas I remember that) 

Another takeaway, this overseas thing has made me reach a peak in my domestic level, as I will exemplify in the following photos bc PIX OR IT DIDN’t HAPPEN hor Obviously I took pics. (Also to prove I left the kitchen 100% fine) 

Kimchi soup (ok the base was from a packet I got from the Asian supermart but SOMEONE had to put it all together OK) 

 Panfried salmon & tomato omelette. My favourite to cook cos it’s brainless and ridiculously easy. (Also the first thing I dared to attempt here) 

100% homecooked mapo tofu. Wa this one….even I was impressed by myself LOL was inspired cos I saw this super simple recipe for noobs by @mummytong on Dayre and wanted to try. Tears nearly came to my eyes when the familiar asian flavours touched my tongue……serious :”) 

  And due to recent #SICKTIMES I was forced to cook myself some porridge. Decided to go the tried and tested route and recreate it the way my grandma does (cos the first time my friend made me plain porridge and it tasted like nothing) 

  And my latest exploit! Fried rice made just this afternoon for lunch just cos I was so SICK of porridge (no pun intended) but too bad sick still need to feed my tumz so. It’s surprisingly easy leh!!!! If u don’t attempt to flip the rice in the pan like I did lulz…….pls don’t. ADD OYSTER SAUCE WHEN YOU FRY RICE PEOPLE IT MAKES A WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE. Who needs DTF FRIED RICE WHEN U CAN MAKE YOUR OWN!!!!’n hehehe
  This video just to show how windy it fking was when I went to do my laundry just now. 



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