The Trap of Mediocrity

I didn’t see it before, but now it’s so crystal clear to me. Mediocrity is such a trap. It puts you in a safe lull, plop right in the middle. Safe, right? But that’s the problem. It’s the bloody middle. When you’re there you’ll feel no motivation to move up or down cos you’ll be so damned contented where you are. Right there, floating in the damned middle. In fact if you ask me, the middle is the worst place to be, far worse than being at the peak (uh, duh) and at the bottom of things. (knowing you have so much more potential) Because, likely 10/20/50 years from now, you’ll still be right where you were. THE MIDDLE.

When you’re mediocre, you’re neither here nor there. No one starts off saying “Hey I aim to be mediocre”, because it means you’re not good enough to be at the top. And that sucks. Mediocrity is horrible. Mediocrity means you’re unlikely to be remembered by anyone and anything, and where’s the good in that?? Mediocrity is like this giant pit in between sucking very badly and being awesome. A very large pit. A dump where people are put and still in their own bubble thinking they aren’t doing that badly. But I’ve had enough. What’s the point in doing something only to be mediocre? Take it from someone who’s been there her entire life. But that’s gonna change today. When I do something, I’m going to be the very best, or not do it at all.

Mediocrity, you can kiss my ass.


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