Hello I r bak!!!!! Using precious study time to update this space so I can look back on it when I want to!!! 

It’s been way too long since I updated a single poop on here hahahahq sorry not sorry. Too busy living life to be documenting iT WAH TOO PRETENTIOUS I CANNOT. 

Okie. It’s gonna be in a backwards chronological order so, here goes!!

 Thanksgiving dinner just tonight!!! Didn’t expect it to be such a big thing even at the dining hall but yeah it was a 3 course meal with TURKEY which was amaaaazeballs so 😊 and the school GLEE club had performances as well so that was nice!! F & I didn’t stay long enough to catch the cheerleading performance 😦   
 Francesca turned 18 yesterday and we were all like YAY LEGALITY. It was taken V seriously HAHAHAH. And all hail the Chong Qing hotpot it was 😍 but the spiciness needed to be taken  down a notch for us mere peasants HAHA  
  Gladys & I baked another cake for her!!! Let’s just say we were glad it was edible but even more glad that there was a backup cake. 
Xmas lights!!!!

   Oh nuthin, just a pretty campus



  When I was initiated officially

  Best burger in town 

  When I just sat there people watching 

  When there was not enough money in the wallet so I had to satisfy myself with a picture





 We discovered the fun of Billiards

  Business Project


  All hail my Superstars!!!! 

  Thank you for your time!!!


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