Never quite realised it until my dad mentioned but apparently I’m quite a negative person? Haha but it is true, to be fair. I’d be the one who always looks at the flipside of things (the negative side) and recently I’ve discovered I like using “I hate” a lot in my vocabulary. This ain’t good cos what you say really impacts your vibe and who you are as a person, and negative behaviour has been known to be toxic for the body. (Instances like people not recovering from cancer cos their body was receiving too much of their negativity) Don’t know how much of that is scientifically proven but personally I really think that my negative outlook has really affected my personality and everything. Let me tell you, it really snowballs. Every little action, word, frown, or even penting up of anger continues to make the body fatigue and hence even more negative.

Ok!!! Today’s the day I’m gonna start looking at the bright side of things!!!! For my body if not anything else. SMILEEEEE 🙂


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