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Enter entrance 8. Bromford Street. A security guard to your right. Grand doors right ahead. Your eyes finally adjust to the dim, yellow lighting and you finally focus on the big signs that smack you in the face: Dior, Tom Ford, Balenciaga. All no longer merely counters in the makeup department of the high-end mall each with their own fleet of snooty staff. They were big, big brands daring you to look them in the eye. 

You gulp, but forge on. Finally you spot Laduree. A spot of familiarity. Thank God, you murmur. You take short quick steps, following the signs that seem to be there for the sole purpose of confusing you further. If Harrods is anything, it is a maze. A bloody money-sucking, consumerism-encouraging maze. 

You get to Laduree, select a box of six then stop in your tracks as the cashier is counting your change. That happiness was shortlived. 

You change your course and head out the front door again after much navigation. Thankfully the Golden Arches are there in the near distance. At least they never disappoint. You speedwalk across two roads and finally walk into M’s warm embrace. A comforting smell and warmth settles around. 

Thank God your adventure for the day has come to a pause. 


London Day 2

 No updates on day one (separate-post wise but I’ll try to touch on it as much as I can here!) 

Today was our second day in London with forecasted bad weather which did happen around noon.
On the London Underground from Shepherd’s Bush to the museums! (South Kensington station)   
While in the horrendous queue to get into Natural History Museum here’s Imperial College London! The weather was still nice as you can see

Saw this guy while queuing too! He was really goos, street buskers don’t get enough credit here…still loved his cheerful demeanor though šŸ™‚   
Stegosaurus!!!! I think that’s what it’s called. Thx horrible STM!!!! Anyway this display was right at the entrance of NCM and it just couldn’t be missed. Apparently it is most complete set of fossilized dinosaur skeletons ever found! I totally felt like a kid in there cos it’s really something we would have never gotten to see in sg museums as well! Also can I say how much we tourisrs appreciate the free entrance to museums like these? (Which are HUGE btw) 

Insisted on taking a pic of the sign hahajaha tourist me! 

 The Big Bang Theory! This was so cool fo learn about man. Oh yeah guilty as charged of having the TBBT theme song playing in my head ahhaja  

A selfie with the bronchosaurus!   


Just wanted to take a better pic of the entrance of NCM which is really breathtaking! So much effort was put into creating this atmosphere, like there wasn’t a single area where materials were skimped or they were being stingy about providing the best they can. Props to the UK govt/board for this!   

We entered the  bird exhibits at some point and this is a collection of hummingbirds. Look closely šŸ™Š if not they really all just resemble branches
Halfway up the stairs we saw this randomly Chinese lady posing in here cheongsam. Like full on, with DSLRs ad stuff man. Seriously?! They took up this entire right side of the staircase man wtf. No idea what kind of photoshoot it was till now.   
The man himself!!!! Well, a statue of him anyway. Charles Darwin. Believer of Evolution! 
Front view of the broncho!! See that little girl instead omg so precious. 

Alrighty I’m rly tired, gonna continue tmr!