Monthly Archives: April 2016


The title is no joke I have decided to share one of my greatest loves with the internet. And I allow it to be henceforth floating on the net forevermore never to be removed.

“I love potatoes.” 

That is a phrase you might or might not hear often. But I’m tellin ya. I LOVE POTATOES. Fried, deep fried, braised in another dish, mashed MADE INTO CHIPS yaaaassss I love them all. No matter whether they are served as a side or I ordered them on their own they are ALWAYS the main dish to me, which MAYVSEEM STUPID if u are not in touch with this potato loving situation. It is true love!!!!!! 

I Love potatoes, and u should to.

Sidenote the winds outside are scaring me, should there be Storm Desmond 2.0 somwone pls send help thx


Bit weird 

  I keep forgetting Spring is here. It just really disorientates me when I FINALLY open my curtains and see this. Sooo weird! Sunset? At 7:51pm omg…but I actually proper sighed when I saw this ngl. Sometimes all I wanna do is pause life and stand in awe of nature!!!! Hahaha forgive this suaku sg kid not used to the concept of seasons 😄 it is oddly disconcerting tho 😦 one minute I’m doing something and the next it’s 8pm. Like where did the day do?? Plus it’s still bright out. 🙂 sokay, smile through the pain folks, smile wimme 🙂

// side track from the reason I came on here to post. Ehhh school started yesterday and it’s the same I guess! Gotta really step out of my comfort zone to talk to my classmates. So many of them good eggs. HAHAHA it’s weird to talk about them like that but legit I actually KNOW less than a handful of them. Well, at least I’ve got an actual concrete goal this term, to pull up ma socks and push up those grades. They ain’t gonna push up themselves. Buckle up here we go.