The title is no joke I have decided to share one of my greatest loves with the internet. And I allow it to be henceforth floating on the net forevermore never to be removed.

“I love potatoes.” 

That is a phrase you might or might not hear often. But I’m tellin ya. I LOVE POTATOES. Fried, deep fried, braised in another dish, mashed MADE INTO CHIPS yaaaassss I love them all. No matter whether they are served as a side or I ordered them on their own they are ALWAYS the main dish to me, which MAYVSEEM STUPID if u are not in touch with this potato loving situation. It is true love!!!!!! 

I Love potatoes, and u should to.

Sidenote the winds outside are scaring me, should there be Storm Desmond 2.0 somwone pls send help thx


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