Monthly Archives: May 2016

Actually gonna faint rn…it's either sleep or work omg SLEEP OR WORK?!?? Seriously tho God help me!!!!!


Cannot deny that the school someone goes to will impact the person a lot majority of the times

Can't sleep ohmgod

Oh my god….tried to take a nap and couldn't sleep at all. Which sucks big time cos all I would think of was the discussion tmr!!! Kns haiz. Really want for it to be done and dusted 😦 I know it's probably not that scary but the thought of not knowing all the topics beforehand and no notes to be brought in just freak me the hell out. Also have a headache currently which sucks 😦

Just full on cried at the MV for 那些年's theme song. Wut is wrong.
Also!!! Nts: rewatch it + 等一个人咖啡