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First day flying solo at work today!!! Quite lonely quite boring but overall a good experience!!!! Shall aim to improve from today which I will use as my benchmark. Thank God my workplace isn’t outdoors though cos in the short few minutes I walked down to SB during lunch I freaking felt the top of my head burn like the pits of hell. Everyone was complaining over whatsapp lelel, LKY was right in saying the air con is the greatest invention in modern mankind πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Lunch was Chick’a boo which was okay but expensive for my cheapo ass. Sigh, b was right when she said starting a job meant having money but no time, the dilemma is realz ☹️ timecheck: it’s 930pm and I just got on 176 back home. Damn. And every night so far I’ve been dog tired legit, if I still had snapchat on my phone I’ll insert a “dogchat” pic here but #socialmediacleanse so, no. Also don’t think I did closing properly but I’m too tired to care tbh, sue me. πŸ˜‘ plus always thankful for last minute customers who came back in after leaving at least 3 times to double confirm and TRIPLE CONFIRM and then proceeded to phone the shop (AFTER 9 SO I WASN’T OBLIGED TO ANS, but I did cos I’m a good employee) AND THE ICING ATOP THE GODDAMNED CAKE, this stupid RUDE (EXTRA EMPHASIS COS HE WAS RLY RUDE!!!!) customer (male) came in and spoke to me in his stupid uppity tone, walao fuck off man I don’t need your shit. Seriously hate these kind of people, can’t you speak like a normal human being πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ totally ruined my (already TIRING) night

Ok segway to something happz!!!!

Featuring….Family Food Delivery (FFD) ❀️❀️❀️

Oh, and the bus just passed by a mosque and I thought it was really interesting. Assuming the muslims just broke fast which is amazin bc I could never see myself being deprived of food for that long. 

Last thing, CommunityChannel has not uploaded in a month (I even checked thesubscription  box) and I’m sed.  


Last day of job training!

So the past few days I’ve been working w a partner at the shop (B/Alice) and tomorrow’s the first day I’m gonna be all by myself 😱😱 kind of apprehensive and scared since it’s the entire 11-9 shift without anyone else and even though the office said I could call them if I had any trouble I’m still worried ☹️☹️ soooo afraid i’m gonna make some stupid mistake and cause trouble for everyone at the office 😦 really hope tmr goes well!!! Then I can at least build up my confidence for the rest of the days. I’ve been paying attention to B & learning from my mistakes so far (THANK GOD omg seriously) so it shouldn’t go too bad, but there’s still lunch to settle plus Idr wanna spend $$ since I just spent a load on Taobao this morning in the office πŸ˜žπŸ™„πŸ˜‘πŸ™ƒ ok ya gonna contemplate whether I’ll be bringing food fr home! 

Lunch at the food centre above Beauty World!! (@ HAMBAOBAO) Suuuuuperbgood!!!!!

Best partner ever!!! ❀️❀️❀️

Source: ThoughtCatalog

10. Understand that a lot of people in your life will give you opinions. Learn how to listen to them, take what is helpful and leave the rest (without feeling guilty). Advice is just someone telling you their opinion, you still have your own agency, you can (and should) read all the articles you want that tell you how to spend your 20s, how to be a great friends and employee, and how to do anything else you do. This gives you a bunch of options for what you want your values and actions to be. It’s just more knowledge, it’s not a mandate.

So, guess what I did today?!? (Or don’t guess, whatever, I won’t even know and I don’t care either LEL SYKEEEEE) 

Anyway I watched Les Miz with the fam, as I said in yesterday’s post πŸ™‚ 

Verdict: it was great but not awesome, there are so many factors affecting how I felt about the musical eventually. Maybe cos I’ve literally been waiting for them to come perform in sg SINCE BIRTH (jk) but this was the factor that literally was a double edged sword for me. It made the musical good, in the sense that FRICK I WAS SEEING IT LIVE!!!! Yet also at the same time, fall short, because it didn’t sound EXACTLY like the soundtrack. Which is a weird thing to expect bc soundtracks and live musicals are totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Also, it was the Aussie cast so Idk how they fare in comparison to the original. I think I might catch Les Miz the next time I head to London, not even joking here. 

Some plus points were: 

-emotional performances by most characters (eg, Cosette/Fantine/Eponine (oh, Eponine baby) 

-great set!!!!! It was all very well made and timed, visual effects were good, props were superb & life-like PLUS they fired freaking blanks in the freakin’ theatre like, does that not deserve plus points for effort?!?!! 

-pronunciation of the lyrics (HAHAHAH) weird but ya the cd version we have I rly can’t understand some parts and now I know like 98% of the lyrics so kudos 2 u, mates!

-Humour fr the Master of the House & his wife LEL comedic duo pls, glad they peppered some humour here and there and the musical wasn’t entirely sombre & sad (except for Marius+Cosette parts)

Minuses tho:

-Marius & Cosette parts, exactly bc it’s so unrealistic to have love at first sight I found it hard to swallow when watching the scenes but that might be just me

-Marius’ voice(???) I can’t remember who exactly but it was definitely a male character, oh and that reminds me, the female leads were all really strong voices! (Eponine & Cosette esp)

-Lots of “talking” tone used even in the singing parts of the song which honestly made me rather annoyed but that could just be due to a diff style idk

Yup that’s all for the weighing but I still recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the movie about 2-3 years ago(?) and has a hundred bucks of 2 to shell out HAHA bc there’s really no point even going for a musical if you’re gonna get shit seats imo!! You have to see the set & characters properly to enjoy it in all it’s glory. Trust me, been there done there @ circle seats ps. you were hell @ 雨季 -_-

Gonna continue w some pics for now!!

Props to a great cast!!TicketsMe & dad!!!!Met feebs there who was sitting one row in front of us coincidentally!!!! Omg freaking destiny or something sia I was so amazed when I saw her (and my mum saw her before I did -_-)Nice font, hence pic
Next, we took a walk after kopi @ Toast Box lel, super lazy to caption cos it’s late and I’m tired OK. But thx Yang for the free Bux. 

It’s literally troublesome as heck to make pic posts on the iPhone so I’m just gonna add some notes here ya, add ons yaknow. Would like to add in that, we freaking (wow official fave word of the post, also known as “limited vocabulary” thanks everybody tenks) JOSTLED amidst the hundreds (joke) of tourists to get a good spot for the merlion photo, that is why I insist on uploading it here despite the unglam-ness. Hmm, and, it was a good feeling walking leisurely like a tourist in my own country, taking pictures. Without having the pressure to share/snap/upload anything bc I deleted everything on my phone!! Lastly, currently listening to some “TVB themes medley” on youtube, it’s so good leh. Which I understood canto more!! Their songs always have beaut melodies πŸ™‚ 

K byeee, upload soon! 

random update πŸ”₯

Dahell this photo app is really nice for editing/collaging HAHAHAH if this idiot can do it then anyone can.

// also, found out today that Masterchef (US) is up to S7!!! So I’m hitting pause on my life to catch up on that. πŸ™‚ feels really good to not have any burdens/responsibilities here. It’s like I’m really free & on vacation!! Though things might change when I start work on Monday LEL :~) Hopefully this season will be interesting & not TOO bitchy, although I admit I kind of watch it for the drama πŸ˜…

Hmm what else, it’s been great spending so much time with family lately, I’ve made it a point to have dinner together almost every night except yesterday so far πŸ™‚ being away for so long at one go really made me treasure them all the more!! I’m serious when I say nobody other than students themselves who study overseas can relate to this point like, it’s not even like I am capable/have the choice of making spontaneous/impromptu decisions of “heading home”/having home just a mere 30 mins-1h away anymore. Sometimes it really sucks!!! But you kinda learn to cope on your own along the way I guess πŸ™‚

Also, got into the course of my choice (Management BBA!!!!) found out last night and I legit couldn’t stop smiling for a full 30 mins at least. Finally feel like I’ve proved myself and shown everyone I’m not just some dumbshit. The entry requirements if I had chosen to enter via A levels (I checked) was AA/A, which is crazy. So you best be happy for YAGURL here.

Last but not least, I think I’m gonna be very selective with the people I spend time with this holiday. Time is limited and all, on top of work and the upcoming Taiwan trip + bits & pieces here & there I’m really left with not much time. I’m gonna try my best to (not) pack my days but rather spend them fulfilling-ly (is that a word?????) if I feel like spending a day with a good friend, I’ll do that, same if I feel like spending an entire day solo, or with my family. It’s MY time and I am 100% in control of how/who I spend it with. No longer I’m gonna waste a minute on people who don’t deserve it and lie to myself for their sake. I’m gonna make sure I enjoy every second a 100% and that means I can’t do things as I did before. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to do all I want to.

(The actual last but not least:) I’m catching Les Miz’ with the fam tomorrow & I’m super excited cos IT’S A FREAKING CHILDHOOD DREAM OF MINE omg!!!! After listening to the soundtrack in the car for what must have been like at least 5-6 years I’m finally catching it live in musical form!!! (I really wouldn’t count the movie) thankful for mum for the (ex) tix BAHAHAH ^^ can’t wait to just indulge tomorrow & admire the set+performance+characters OMG VALJEAN & EPONINE & COSETTE+MARIUS!!! I’m gonna hear Master of The House/On My Own & all those amazing songs performed live 😭😭😭 sigh, a minor thing is that this time round is the Aussie Cast performing, tho I’m still glad it’s my first time watching so I have nothing to compare to. Thank God, if it’s really not up to my standard I’ll catch it the next time I go to London!! #UKperks πŸ˜‰ ok prolly gonna have an early night to get ready to ABSORB every single MORSEL Of it tomorrow yasssssss 😍😍😍

Copy paste from Dayre

I’m just looking at my bookshelf now and feeling so warm & fuzzy inside!!! Thx u past me for buying/forcing people to buy you books!!!! HAHAHAHA every book her is such a treasured memory! I can’t wait to be super rich and free next time then have the time to sit down and re-read the books to see how my thoughts have changed!! WOOOOO the love for reading DOES NOT DIEE!!!!


Random Reflection

So random!! But I realised my bookshelf is such an accurate timeline of my personal growth and shiet!! It really documents my entire journey all the way back from my Jacqueline Wilson days to Boxcar Children/Nancy Drew & now the more Dystopian books that I prefer.
Reading has always been a part of me since young and I vividly remember the days where my fave place to spend recess time was the library – omg the new book smell, I just live for it!!!

And and!! When my sole purpose as a student librarian was to be able to scan the returned books but ALAS it was not fated to be LEL thx @ Mdm Faridah 😦 but seriously though, those were the days when I always had a book in my hand and everyone used to comment that I was such a bookworm. Kinda sad how I've changed in that aspect cos now I just keep staring at my phone when I'm out 😦 but I'm grateful that my love for reading has put me at an advantage on lang in school!! Yay peeps, READ!!!!!

So excited for my taobao stuff to arrive πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Ok so dumb but there's a bit more to reflect: I rmb when I used to be obsessed w 39 Clues and I wanted to buy EVERY NEW BOOK and I didn't understand how my parents didn't understand how I felt??? Like, parents PLS πŸ˜‘ reading a LIBRARY book and a book you OWN is a completely different experience ok??? Omg. I used to beg and beg for new books every single birthday & xmas HAHAH it was like emotional blackmail man it was bad. Soz but I'm glad I did it cos now I have a bookshelf to be proud of!!


When ppl r dao-ing u ☹️ I CAN SEE IT YAKNOW, I HAVE EYES πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

UGH FUCKING PISSED ABOUT MY STUPID AWA wtffffff so annoyed I can't even πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’₯⚑️⚑️🌩🌩

Sometimes you can give your best but shitty things still happen and you can do nothing but learn how to move on from it. Because life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

mmm what the hell happened to weal & woe πŸ™‚

what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck

0 expectations, 0 let down

I have learnt my lesson