Last day of job training!

So the past few days I’ve been working w a partner at the shop (B/Alice) and tomorrow’s the first day I’m gonna be all by myself 😱😱 kind of apprehensive and scared since it’s the entire 11-9 shift without anyone else and even though the office said I could call them if I had any trouble I’m still worried ☹️☹️ soooo afraid i’m gonna make some stupid mistake and cause trouble for everyone at the office 😦 really hope tmr goes well!!! Then I can at least build up my confidence for the rest of the days. I’ve been paying attention to B & learning from my mistakes so far (THANK GOD omg seriously) so it shouldn’t go too bad, but there’s still lunch to settle plus Idr wanna spend $$ since I just spent a load on Taobao this morning in the office 😞🙄😑🙃 ok ya gonna contemplate whether I’ll be bringing food fr home! 

Lunch at the food centre above Beauty World!! (@ HAMBAOBAO) Suuuuuperbgood!!!!!

Best partner ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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