First day flying solo at work today!!! Quite lonely quite boring but overall a good experience!!!! Shall aim to improve from today which I will use as my benchmark. Thank God my workplace isn’t outdoors though cos in the short few minutes I walked down to SB during lunch I freaking felt the top of my head burn like the pits of hell. Everyone was complaining over whatsapp lelel, LKY was right in saying the air con is the greatest invention in modern mankind 🙌🏼

Lunch was Chick’a boo which was okay but expensive for my cheapo ass. Sigh, b was right when she said starting a job meant having money but no time, the dilemma is realz ☹️ timecheck: it’s 930pm and I just got on 176 back home. Damn. And every night so far I’ve been dog tired legit, if I still had snapchat on my phone I’ll insert a “dogchat” pic here but #socialmediacleanse so, no. Also don’t think I did closing properly but I’m too tired to care tbh, sue me. 😑 plus always thankful for last minute customers who came back in after leaving at least 3 times to double confirm and TRIPLE CONFIRM and then proceeded to phone the shop (AFTER 9 SO I WASN’T OBLIGED TO ANS, but I did cos I’m a good employee) AND THE ICING ATOP THE GODDAMNED CAKE, this stupid RUDE (EXTRA EMPHASIS COS HE WAS RLY RUDE!!!!) customer (male) came in and spoke to me in his stupid uppity tone, walao fuck off man I don’t need your shit. Seriously hate these kind of people, can’t you speak like a normal human being 🙄🙄🙄 totally ruined my (already TIRING) night

Ok segway to something happz!!!!

Featuring….Family Food Delivery (FFD) ❤️❤️❤️

Oh, and the bus just passed by a mosque and I thought it was really interesting. Assuming the muslims just broke fast which is amazin bc I could never see myself being deprived of food for that long. 

Last thing, CommunityChannel has not uploaded in a month (I even checked thesubscription  box) and I’m sed.  


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