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deprivation only makes me crave more


“Let’s go…this is a poison place let’s go!”

The title of this post was a literal, and ACTUAL quote that I overheard from a mother in ToysrUS!!! HAHAHHA it absolutely made me wanna burst out laughing there and then but ofc I didn’t. This wasn’t as bad as the “CHAWANMISU” or “EYEBRO” incidents though, I must admit. 

As I am killing time right now by walking around in ToysRUs, it really takes me down memory lane. I remember how it used to be my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! I couldn’t walk two steps without stopping in my tracks and begging my parents for the latest (or not) toy. Baby Alive (TM) dola, barbie dolls, cooking sets, playdoh, mini strollers, and OMG SYLVANIAN FAMILIES. I am still obsessed with. Yes, #loudandproud

That was before we grew up and learnt how to criticize barbies for having “unrealistic proportions” like come on, those dolls are marketed to kids who know nothing okay. I miss the times when the best birthday gift was a huge cardboard box wrapped in toysrus wrapping paper, not the latest gadget. It’s too bad that times change and people grow up. Can I meet Peter Pan pls!!!! I wanna go to Neverland!!!!
“This one damn stupid sia, like machiam animal or beast sia” (yet another quotable quote)