TAIPEI (26jul-1aug) DAY 1

TAIPEI DAY 1 POST:And so this marks the end of the Taiwan trip I went with Jose, at the END OF JULY (note, VERY IMPORTANT part as I’ll continually emphasize how TERRIBLY HOT IT WAS due to the timing) 

Undeniable it was a great trip and we both stuffed ourselves silly especially the first day lol, record-breaking.
Day #1, we jetted off on JETstar (pun intended) on a 4 hour + nearing 5h flight and reached Taipei around 12. Then we took the airport shuttle to Art’otel which was cool because it was the first time there was someone at the airport awaiting my arrival with a placard HAHAJ #cheapthrills (though it cost like 1.3k TWD) but later Jose & I saw the girl was paid by the driver so…kinda dampened the #ballerlife LOL

It was a 50min ride from TaoYuan International Airport to Ximending approx. oh and I forgot to mention we got our ~essential sim cards (unlimited 4g for 7 days and 15mins free call including international calls) from 台北大哥大 kiosk at the airport itself and it was cheapcheap (500TWD) ps. I’ll actually try my best to be helpful this time while blogging so first timers in Taipei won’t have a hard time. 
Yeah and since our check in was only at 3pm we left luggage at the hotel and went off to explore Ximending! Woohoo!! Props to the hotel for being ever so helpful and providing map & directions. 
Our first stop was 芒果冰 which was extra amazing in their hot ass weather! Legit 38degrees 我不骗你, my skin felt like it was gonna detach from my arm…..bc of this, caps are a MUST if you unfortunately book travel to Taipei in July/Aug haha. Can’t remember the order but that day we also ate 阿宗面线 which was a torture again cos of Mr Sun. And finally Minimelts. Cheap again!! Oh and drumroll…..for the star of the (every)day 卤 肉 饭!!! After some disappointing stops (namely XX luroufan + some carrot cake with the sweet & sour sauce) we found JACKPOT: 金锋luroufan!!! It’s right beside the 牛店(ps closed on MONDAYS!) it was so good we didn’t even share it like our other food… XXX in the mouth but for risk of sounding uncouth, it’s HEAVEN! Again 我不骗你. After that we felt like exploding so we went looking for the hotel to finally check in. Another place we visited was 西门红楼, for us it was hit & miss. Just an AIR CONDITIONED area with many small booths selling souvenirs and trinkets. Better if you appreciate the arts scene, there was quite a few local brands etc. After that we walked around Ximen area and found the food alley with the famed PRINCE CHEESE POTATO & Muah Chee stall side by side. Sad to say we haven’t managed to locate it again since then. I only tried the muah chee and it SUCKS i strongly don’t recommend. The torched beef cubes in the vicinity was not bad, think I just ordered the wrong flavour. Sorry the location is so unclear, I really cannot explain it better. We found it on accident. After filling our bellies AGAIN I wanted to shop so I went into this shop seling fake eyelashes and bought a pack of so many idk what to do with the rest. Did I mention it’s so hard to put!! 

Bonus pic of Ximending! Isn’t it a beauty 🙂

Ok thats it for day 1 now!! Hope it was like maybe 10% helpful…! n_n


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