I’ll admit, I’m someone who throws around the term “I miss you” or “IMY” fairly easily, but just because I say it often doesn’t mean it’s not true. For one, when I say I miss you I really mean it. I miss people for different reasons, I miss friends and family whom I’ve not seen in a while, I miss feelings, for someone who hates change, it’s really easy to miss things. 

What’s wrong with being emotional? Being emotional or even showing emotion is more often than not always being portrayed in a negative light, likened to being unstable or weak, when it definitely isn’t true. Just because other people don’t show their feelings doesn’t mean they don’t have any. And I pity them even more for that, for having the need to hold everything back. I cannot imagine having a wall holding back my feelings, like a dam holding back a gushing river, or Trump’s wall denying Mexicans (lol kid)

I pity you for having to always hold back, to not be able to have enough trust or courage to wear your heart on your sleeve, as much as you pity me for crying at every sad movie scene, ever, or daring to be hurt, or angry, or any other emotion out there in this damned world. 


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