20 things I’ve learnt by 20 (part 1 cos I’m a P.O.S who can’t think thru my entire life in like 15 mins) 

Lel since I’ve seen this floating around the interwebs for a while (who am I kidding, by interwebs I mean Youtube exclusively~) I wanna try doing this too!! \jumps on every damned bandwagon\ Ok not rly I was just thinking about it on the bus randomly otw to work so I thought it would be fun to just give my 2 cents?? Ya no deep meaning behind this post

1. If you suck at something, just drop it. (Especially if it’s to do with academics) I’m not talking about just being mediocre, I’m talking about really SUCKING. Like, 5th percentile kind of shit. No, kid. Just drop it. It’s fine to suck at things, it’s Jack of all trades, Master of None not Master of all damned trades. I say drop it like it’s hot. Immediately. Now. While you can. Don’t be like a certain smartass who took H2 math and got an S. Yes laugh all you want but it’s done and dusted so you might as well learn from my mistakes. 

2. Do not make it your perogative to please other people. 

Friends, family, potential romantic partners. No one is better than anyone. No one deserves to be made to feel like shit just to be liked by that one person. Come on you are 20, have some self respect. Firstly some things are meant to be and some are not. And also, you deserve to always always put yourself first without being called selfish.

3. Spend time with family. 

Especially the older folks, the sick, and your parents. As teens we always take parents for granted when they were tue ones who were the OG and gave us basically everything we have. Best appreciate that, mate. Oh and, grandparents too. There was this quote I just read about, something about “we never think it’s the last time, we always think there are times after this” or something I can’t paraphrase for nuts but the idea is there. Basically it means to treasure every interaction you have with people bc you never know when it might the last. Not to get deep or anything. 

4. Indulge in your interests

Especially if you have a large amount of time, like post A levels. That’s the best time. Please don’t start studying for uni bc that’s just sad. Find out what you like, travel, get a job and earn that cash or better yet, get a scholarship and just sit there collect money from Govt hahaha.

To be continued like everything else on this space lol!


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