Part 3

11. Count your blessings

Whether you believe in a higher being (ie. religious or NAUGHT), your life is mostly the luck of the draw with some influence of your choices. Some people have it shitty early in life, some, later, some, seemingly never. You only know as much as people tell you. It may be hard but really everyone’s fighting their own battle. There’s always gonna be someone worse off than you are. Appreciate what you have.

Which brings me to my next point,

 12. Shut the fuck up when you have nothing good to say. 

seriously you have no idea how UN-self aware some people can be/are and how many times I’ve had to resist PUNCHING someone right in the face for going too far etc etc. 

13. Some people are not worth crying over. 

Letting things go might just be the best and more harmless solution

14. Forgive, if not, then at least forget

No elaboration needed unless u a dumbass

15. Sometimes it’s worth it to push through the tough times, see things in the long run

ESPECIALLY w regards to part time jobs LMAO 


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