Ok I’m super bored at work so I’ll update Day 2 of TW!!! Might do days 2 & 3 tgt since I don’t think we did much on the second day. Pardon me I can’t rly remember what we did on which day so ya gonna rely purely on the chronological sequence of my photos in the phone LEL. 

Took a brief look at my phone gallery omg and I REMEMBER NOW. We were acting like ballers that entire day because #SECONDDAYONLY #ALOTOFMONEYLEFR #WHENINACTUALFACTNOTALOT 

We went to Taipei 101!!! There’s an MRT station near it so don’t worry! Ok I just checked for yall cos I’M SO NICE!!! (It’s Xiangshan line, Taipei 101 station btw Xiangshan line is red!!) 

As u can see it was really fucjing hot I think it might have been one of those 38 deg days?!?? Not even kidding man. Tbh there’s nothing much up there mainly cos we didn’t go and we went into the Agnes B cafe to hide from the sun LMAO. 

AGnes B cafe!!’ Tbf the cake and latte was good!!! Try if u feeling rich like we did LEL

Xiaohigh by myself in the train cos Jose was doing her bidding LMAOSINC WWE didn’t wanna waste a trip there we decided to head to 中正纪念堂 solely cos it was on the red line as well!! Turns out it was q a good place to take photos as u can see!! We also learnt a bit about 蒋介石 la obviously 🙄🙂had milk tea agin BC NEED TO HIDE FORM THE SUN AHAHAHAHHAJA I CANNOT HANDLE THIS. Looking back it’s actl quite ridiculous the number of times we ate at some random palce just to have air con…….
So here!!! I thinj it was on the way back! (To Taipei 101) cos we wanted to eat DTF!! Yknow the one that all tourists go to?! Ya we ate there. Cos we were tourists what…..duh. LOL surprise surprise! We reached back at the station at about 430 and we beat the dinner q!!!! Crazy but yeah did it. Ordered fried rice + zhajiang mian + XLB (obv) and it was ok but not mindblowing which I confess I’m sad about. Dabao-ed the rice cos OUR STOMACHS ARE HUMAN NOT LIKE COWS WHO HAVE FOUR ok maybe Jose has (JK) but not me!!!! 

After that we went home (to Art’otel) to NUA LIKE THE BALLS OF FATS WE ARE!!! Almost cancelled night plans for the day cos the hotel has a good selection of channels ranging from 哥哥 (LOL INSIDE JOKES) to 康熙来了 to Korean dramas and I really didn’t wanna leave but to make our TW trip worth it basically I gathered my limited discipline and made a compromise to take a taxi to Raihe night market!!! Turns out it was a good decision and it was the best night market imo!!! I even called the concierge (lazy level 292838 cos they were literally at our doorstep LMAO NO KID WE WERE RIGHT BEHIND THE CONCIERGE) and he said we could reach there in 150 TWD or smth AND SUCH LIES COS IT WAS 200 TWD!!! 

Took this photo cos I was q amazed that TW was left hand drive!!! 

Us at Raohe!!! Lmai I rmb thie scene when I wanted a photo w the gate and Jose talked to this other couple and said 我帮你们拍,你帮我们拍 LMAO BARTER TRADE……

Raohe was amazing albeit short!!’ Other blogs said it’s about 600m long only but I guess if u walk there and back it’s 1.2k? #math hahaha so yeah at this night market cos if was our first we bought random stuff like the phone charged portable fan thing/totoro stuff for me & K and a lot a lot a lot of food. I think I saw cheese potato at the (technical) enf of the market cos we alighted fr the taxi at the wrong side and ended up squeezing in the opp current as the waves of people also walking arnd. Phew not a good exp man!!

The most memorable thing to me was the bbq scallop!!! SUPER GOOD even though Ineventually realised it was just soy sauce I think!! Long wait but SUPER WORTH QND I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE STICKS..jose ate a lot of stuff she saidbwas nice also like some prawn on a stick/mochi/chicken in a sausage I think and oh I ate chillinpowder bbq oyster mushrooms!’ (6/10) deng deng deng!!!!! WE HAVE REACHED THE CLIMx!! I actl ate 臭豆腐 and almost single handedly destroyed our friendship in the process of forcing jose to eat this HAHAHAHAHAHAH and she still didn’t eat!!! #UNFRIENDOH AND HERE was whr Jose discovered her one true love (Move aside, boys) 豆花冰!!!n i tried and tbh it was good but what made it heavenly was rly the fucking blistering weather la so anyone who wants a franchise idea- try this?? Maybe it’s the nezt Bake cheesetart ahahaha!! Jk but seriously if u bring it in must credit MOI!!! 
Yup the end of Day 2!!! Wow didn’t expect it to be so long a post wowowoww my bullshitting skills ahahhahaajk 


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