TAIWAN DAY #4!!! ✨✨✨

OLA PEOPLE I AM BAK! After a night of gr8 fun 😉 jk heh

SO…on day 4 of Taiwan, we did a bunch of things! 

Oh my god…..Wordpress h8s me…so I just realised that the order of the photos are all messed up and because I’m a lazy fk I’m gonna just explain it in words ok live with it!!! 

Breakfast was at the real Yonghe Dou Jiang again!!! Bc it was that good and I had the bun & carrot cake which was RLY ErY BOMB!! Btw the fake shop at the Mango ice stall SUX BALLS don’t go there!!! Use google maps to find this one rly 100^288383 x better la. After that we went on our way to Jiufen/Shifen. 

Juifen was first on the list and basically how we got there was (I’m gonna try to be as concise as possible ya bear w me) we went to Taipei main station > took the 台铁 (which is diff from 高铁!!) and tho the lady told us it could be paid by the EASYCARD (which is like Taipei’s ezlink) and it could but apparently u can buy tix which would guarantee u a seat so pls read this post and I hope u got a seat cos it was kind of a long ride to Ruifang station (45mins??) > then at Ruifang we had to take a bus! The bus stop is rly kind of near the train station and I can’t explain it but basically there’s rly good directions! If all else fails then stop being a hermit and actually ask the TW people bc they r rly nice!! Yepp at the bus stop itself there were taxi drivers trying to entice/con tourists into taking taxi to Jiufen and err I rly would not recommend it unless u ballin cos the bus is only 15TWD compared to god knows how ex the cab is! Ya we reached Jiufen fairly easily but I rmb it was fuckin hot as it was pretty much every other day yeah. Hid in the souvenir store and got bombarded w so much Chinese cos we were looking for keychains w our Chinese characters haha. 

Not sure why I have so few pix of Jiufen but All I rmb was admiring the view v briefly from this place we ducked into the have MORE 红茶 omg I had so much of that in TW itself….more than my coffee intake which is saying something…! 

Yeah Jiufen is supposed to be Spirited Away’s inspiration w things like the mask shops/endless steps/red lanterns and all but I barely saw resemblance tbh and not to mention that all we wanted to do was get out of the place bc it was getting unbearably hot.! However the food was pretty good; like fried squid & peanut ice cream wrapped in some skin?? And the milk tea (yes. Tea again) 

We moved on to Shifen after that and it was a huge hooha cos we were toe-ing the line between broke & comfort which was choosing the bus vs taxi! Ended up walking back and forth thanks to not so good directions and hesitation but bus it was bc money probz. 15TWD again so the price was fine. Again u’ll encounter the ever so persistent taxi drivers trying to convince u that buses don’t go to Shifen bla bla bla….word of advice: ignore. 

Once at Shifen we did what we went all the way there to do: 放天灯. Ended up writing a lot of 没有墨水 nonsense while everyone literally spat out chinese phrase after phrase and we have 单身再见 LMAO. 

Btw if I failed to mention, Shifen & Jiufen are some stops on the Pingxi line so other blogs have recommended u get the day pass or something but we didn’t do that. And for some reason Shifen had a lot of cats!!’ Hehehe my fave but not Jose’s so ya some pix here and there feat cats! 

Shifen station! V picturesque 🙂 

Conclusion: railway tracks make for good photo opps. Oh and there was this bridge at Shifen which actl got quite scary ahahaha….#pussy 

Left for Taipei finally afer practically spending the entire travelling around. Chanced upon what has come to be our fave street artiste at XMD again and he was singing my baby’s songs (JJ lin btw) oh and also 你好不好 which is Jose’s fave song that time ahaha. We even have a full vid of his performance which was v good. Ngl I was hanging arounf waiting for JJ to pop out and discover this talent which ofc made me disappointed ya bc obv he didn’t appear AHAHAJZ YA IT WAS A GOOD DAY IN GENERAL 



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