If we were rain, I’d be the drizzle but you were my hurricane

Half hearted quote right there in the title of this post. I was thinking of the good ol’ days. I wish that friendships are capable of lasting forever. I so do wish that. If there’s any one friendship I’d choose to keep forever, it’d have to be yours.

Whatever time we had together, it was all a damned wild ride. With you, the sun shone brighter, the grass grew greener and the birds chirped louder. Everything was just, well, better. I was happier.

I remember that one outing we had to Vivo. It was a brilliant afternoon spent dipping our feet into the water, splashing about yet trying to take good photos. No regrets meeting you in Photog, none at all, even if our friendship was shortlived.

I remember how you hated to take photos, and I would always try to terrorize you with my handy camera.

When I was with you, it was like nothing/no one else mattered. We’d always be a nuisance in public, laughing loudly at our inside jokes or gossip. It was plain fun.

There was this one time we were touching this bunny costume, do you remember? It FREAKING MOVED. We got scared shitless cos the guy in the bunny suit yelled boo. We ran and laughed and laughed and ran all the way through Vivo. That was exhilaration. I love you so much. I’m bitter that we’re no longer friends but I believe that some people are put into our lives to teach us something. And you taught me to make the best out of everything, and (I’m still learning this but) to always, ALWAYS fight for what you want. I didn’t and I’ll always regret that I let you leave without putting up a fight.

Miss you loads, A.H


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