Kinda figured I might as well do Day 5 and the rest?? 

YO WADDUP FOLKS R U EXCITED HUH!!!! Day 5!!!!!! WooOoOooOoh00OoOoO 🙂

Actually it is not a v exciting day bc we only went to exchange money (#POOR) and Gongguan Night Market and I donn’t even have pix of GGNM(?!) ok for the same of readers I’m gonna combine this w day 6 ya!!! 

We did see some interesting sights??? A huge sort of protest for TW to join China I think and it was mainly older males idk why!! Well didn’t stop to find out more cos we needed our MONEY!! Went to 星空三月 I think that’s what it’s called which was a dept store that thank God did money exchange (outside of banks) we were rly sick of spending like poor people LMAO…..basically. Went to Songshan for Chiate!!! Tai yangbing here we come! Hehehehe it was rly good!! If yall go, PLS get the sugar/milk biscuits ITS RLY BOMB……I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN. And the milk pastry, sigh. 

Ok moving on to the next day…much more exciting!!! DAN SHUI! 

Once again WordPress fails me w the non-chronological order 

First of all, let me just say I would 100% recommend Dan Shui as a destination (AND that u go there on the same day as Shilin Night Market cos it’s on the same line!) Dan Shui/Tamsui is basically the last stop of the line so yeah just take note! Took us about 40 mins? From Taipei Train Station stop! 🙂 but if you are UNFORTUNATELY heading there in July when the sun is right above TW then good luck…bring lots of sunblock + fan + cap + umbrella + ANYTHING ELSE THAT WILL NOT MAKE U A DRENCHED AND ANGRY /tourist/ or monster. A hungry man is an angry man? Try a BURNT man…guaranteed 1000x worse impact. 

We took a bus from Tamsui station to the bridge!! Apparently it’s called Lovers Bridge lol pls go with lover instead if u have a choice. Tamsui is rly beautiful and they have endless offerings of things to do which I honestly would have done if I aren’t dead broke ya (#protip: SAVE SOME MONEY FOR RAINY DAY) they had pasar malam games (eg. Throwing darts to pop balloons) and a lot a lot of food that looked rly good cos it was so hot at that time…iced fruit juices/fruits/ice kachang (sort of???) and they even had boat tours to bring you around on the sea. I literally felt super bad cos I was broke HAHAHAH. 

Yep…last stop of the day was Shilin! Honestly didn’t live up to my expectations. It was just a couple of streets with street stalls scattered around and it was q messy tbh. But I’ve since heard that they relocated part of the night market underground into like a hawker-centre style place! If yall find it feel free to have a good time and comment where yall found it cos we were rly lost and appalled at the (small) size of Shilin??? The sole consolation was that I finally had my cheese potato that I’ve been looking for since day 1!!! Yayyyyyy and had this amazing iced cranberry+ lemon juice wow it was amazeballs!!! Can I also add that winds at Tamsui were rly crazy and…my umbrella broke LEL ya end of story good day so bye!!!! 


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