Perhaps now is the right time to share the (little, but nontheless, crucial) details of our short albeit eventful day in TW!!! Seeing as I’m feeling ratchet af & STILL sick (sore throat u r the absolute devil) I shall try my best to give a good run-down of the day. 

Well, we obviously woke up late, ~11am since checkout was loosely stated as before 12 which, to gung-ho us means, start final packing at 1130ish. 

After packing and leaving our luggage at the concierge (if u could call a random empty plot of space at the hotel lobby that, lel) we had ~2 hours to kill (before 麻辣) so we decided to hang around the area. The most dramatic part though…..yours truly  threw a bitchfit LMAOOOOO and let’s just say the atmosphere was less than satisfactory which resulted in no-talking-to-one-another for like what, 1-1.5hours?? 

Also allowed me to walk around and take some photos of the gorgeous area that is Ximen though. The murals/graffiti (it’s literally all too good to even be called graffiti) never cease to amaze me even though I see it all practically everyday. Well, after brisk-walking (rudely) into random nooks & crannies/alleys I discovered this entire park-like area that was FILLED with graffiti. Too bad for my crappy mood that day or else I would have JUMPED at the photo opp. However I did take pix of the murals (duh) since I was alrd there- might as well. 

And, you’re welcome

And let me just add that these murals weren’t even MERELY life sized, they we the size of the freaking entire WALL fak. I’m so boggled by how they managed to do it so well 😭

Ok after that we made up and went to chill & Mac w the last remaining coins that we could pitch together lol, then Mala

It was ~500 TWD (plus or minus cos taxes I think) and it was tbh not life-changing or anything for me but still worth it! For the amount of food we managed to stuff into our mouths. And they had free flow meat/ice cream idk which aspect excited me more (hah if you know me at all you’ll know it’s Definitely the ice cream) and plus their ice cream is not even some tomdick&harry brand it’s FREAKING Mövenpick & Haagen Dazs can?!!? Sigh times like these I wanna move to TW and eat like a king and pay like a normal person lmao why is the cost of living so high in sg…..I cannot fathom!!!! 

Decided to end the trip on a high by dapao-ing our favvvvv food of the trip so far-Jinfeng Luroufan!!! IT’S RLY BOMB.Com i cannot emphasize more!!! PLS TRY IF U EVER GO TO XMD!!!!! Hm and then it was time to go to the airport where we waited V long once again #nightflightprobs and #thankgodforunlimited4ginTW 

Yup, can we look at that cute mixed bb boy we saw PLS he totally melted the hearts of all the China tourists lmao they were all tryna feed him stuff which now that I think of it is kinda weird and suspicious lmao. 

But all in all, good trip!!!! Here’s to more travelling in 2K16! 

Thank you TW for being amazing(-ly HOT LEL) xxxxxxxx



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