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Hahahahahahah the things that go viral in my beloved Sg 😂😂😂


(Before I proceed I would just like to say that I'm taking 963 now from Harbourfront and it's just the jerkiest ride ever and I might die so)

Maybe saying that I'm "sad" is not an understatement, or an overstatement. It's probably just the wrong vocabulary used that's all

Gone w the wind

Just as my room (at home-HOME) is looking to be more and more lived in again, the time has come for me to pack up and leave. I can’t help but reminisce about the good ol’ times and have sudden floods of thoughts of every single person who has showered me with care, concern and love these past 3(ish) months. From my auntie who packs me herbs so I can “bou” my own soup in a (still) foreign land, to my parents who spare no $$ in providing me with supplies (read: everything under the damned Sun) to ensure that I’m comfortable and helping me with packing the 30kg monster, even my granddad who practically stashes $$ into my hand every time I leave home to meet someone else, I appreciate and love all these important people so so much. I’m really undeserving but I’ll soon study hard and do all I’m supposed to achieve and hopefully give back even half as much as they have given me. One huge regret is not having enough time to spend with everyone though I did manage to squeeze in a meet up with every one of greater importance to me (you know who you are!!!) so, be it a short catch-up or get together, I gotchu babe/dude!

It’s actually gonna be the first time I’m full on travelling on my own on the plane and plsplspls pray4mi that I won’t encounter airplance weirdos LEL. Okay this is totally not the mood I was going for ya, sombre and all. But seriously just reach the UK in ONE PIECE that is all I ask, Lord!!!

Oh my god this post is so all over the place and I’m not even satisfied gAHHHH!!! but gonna post it anyways because #lowstandards LEL. Will be back soon with an update (i think lol no promises jk) bc laoniang has a huge ton of shit to do right now (AKA catch up on Tanglin………..ok after I’m done w uni thingamajigs~)

Wah siao liao addicted to Tanglin until I keep having headaches LEL…but srsly everyone should check it out!!! Like how refreshing is it to have a long spanning drama in English that covers a lot of social issues (not too seriously) AND also having a plot based in sg?! #relatable much?? Hehe. So. Catch it!!!!

83 bux……

Xiao vain…….just give it to me this time can?? Luv this app sia make my complexion look so radiant w/o any editing at all bc my.lazy.ass LMAO

Btw from my dayre u can totally tell which are the days where I'm a 宅女 and which days r happening right lelelelele damn