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why do I feel so tired after a nap???? KNS liddat how to stay up after countdown HAHA??

so trueee

YAAAAS found it!! And so cute, got xmas edition πŸ˜‰


Something nice

nOops, wanted to blog something last night but I clean forgot about it. Anyways, can’t believe this is the 2nd last day in sg! 

Something nice about walking back home late at night is that there are few vehicles on the road. You can literally dance/skip/jaywalk all 3 traffic lights and nothing will happen to you, except perhaps an exponential increase in happiness. 

Last night was a particularly good one, I made sure to activate all five senses on the walk back home and I caught whiffs of smoke in the air, little teeny weeny raindrops on my skin, the uneven pavement under my feet and the barely-lit roads ahead of me. It was great. I wondwr how nice it would be if everyone could have the time to smell the roses along the way instead of always rushing from point A to B.

Alright, the more I write, the more poignant I become and the more emotions grab me by the collar, threatening to engulf me in it’s full wrath. It’s a fact cast in stone now that I am leaving tomorrow, I owe it to myself to make the best of that opportunity and quit missing everything/one in sg. 

Goodbye!!! And CU in UK 

πŸ˜„ good day today out shopping w mum & hanging out w waipo ❀️

looks interesting (Kino)

useful stuff

and ??? But COOL

what can I say I rly love blue clothing??? And stripes but do I really need to state that out loud LOL I think half my wardrobe consists of stripes

cmi waist ft formal skirt for next term's presentations!!

stripes. AGAIN.

planner (light, important) (Typo)

I've developed a v recent obsession w θ–›δΉ‹θ°¦'s music!!! & personality & everything. That guy is a god 😍😍😍😍 go listen to his live performance of δΈ‘ε…«ζ€ͺ and ζΌ”ε‘˜ on β€œζˆ‘ζƒ³ε’Œδ½ ε”±β€ and u'll know….funny + charismatic + EC material w those glasses + good voice 😏 sigh….literally no less than a 10/10. Where to find irl tho??? Aahahaha

& look who's back!!!

Aiyo so cute, always rejecting my love (only cute in CATS strictly HAHA)
Anyway the story is that there's a new cat in the hood & I suspect he chased away all the older cats from their usual spots cos I never ever see them anymore. But look who decided to show face tonight! So happy I saw this lil guy!! Always one of the first things I check on when I'm in sg again hehe, dreading the day I don't see him hanging around downstairs 😞

Sleeping in 900 threadcount bedsheets tonight 😭 blessss

Feeling so drained…..afterall I am still an introverted soul at heart haha

Too much interaction does 0 good for me



order as per usual

"When I give you all my love you push me back, I don't really care no more, son't really care no more"

Guess where we were yesterday!

Surprisingly bc we had to PAY to enter that exhibit we decided to move on into National Museum (which I'm sure was way cooler)
They had exhibits about SG History from before the war, during, and after (Independence)

Uh…hahaha nice pic?

War period!

Such a sad quote, especially when you see who it came from. It makes me so thankful we have not (and probably will not) experience war in our lifetime.

Moving on to this other artistic exhibit called #visibleinvisible which I really felt like the artist lost track of what he wanted to say in the art work πŸ€” or maybe I just didn't appreciate enough hahhaa but we did zoom past this exhibit quickly

Another one

qotd: "it's all the pretentious people lor" HAHAHAHA cos they were all there w their dslrs and taking step photos I just thought it was funny. The last straw was when this woman commented "it smells really nice in here right" i just lost it bc it stank

didn't get to read the description for this art piece but since it was at the entrance….
overall really good experience! (The SG exhibits) 10/10 recommend πŸ™‚ even though I was there in slippers and got judged uncountable no. of times πŸ˜‘

Update on PC usage!!!! Other than my forehead which has pimples (one of it is actl a mosquito bite) my skin has become rly smooth and soft!!! Plus the complexion has become more evenly toned too πŸ™‚

Right cheek ugh stupid crater not gone yet

The 3 pimple scars!

Right cheek, my best asset LOLOL

pimply but smooth somehow idk how PC does it this rly amazes meee