Something nice

nOops, wanted to blog something last night but I clean forgot about it. Anyways, can’t believe this is the 2nd last day in sg! 

Something nice about walking back home late at night is that there are few vehicles on the road. You can literally dance/skip/jaywalk all 3 traffic lights and nothing will happen to you, except perhaps an exponential increase in happiness. 

Last night was a particularly good one, I made sure to activate all five senses on the walk back home and I caught whiffs of smoke in the air, little teeny weeny raindrops on my skin, the uneven pavement under my feet and the barely-lit roads ahead of me. It was great. I wondwr how nice it would be if everyone could have the time to smell the roses along the way instead of always rushing from point A to B.

Alright, the more I write, the more poignant I become and the more emotions grab me by the collar, threatening to engulf me in it’s full wrath. It’s a fact cast in stone now that I am leaving tomorrow, I owe it to myself to make the best of that opportunity and quit missing everything/one in sg. 

Goodbye!!! And CU in UK 


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