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soooo esssiiiited!!!!' Heading to Amsterdam tomorrow and turns out Tiff is there too! Till the 30th πŸ™‚ now fate will just determine if we'll end up meeting or not. Phew, I seriously hate packing man lol and this time since we're gg to Paris, gotta think whether outfits be on point or nah, which is just extra stress pls??! I just wna be my di diao person lemme live!! 😦



The feeling when you sleep for 11 hours!!!'n sleep debt repaid 😁😁😁

finally 😍😍😍😍

although they killed my feet they looked gr8 w today's outfit

best buddies

This sticker describes me to a tee. Oh my god, pulled my first ever all nighter, caught 2 hours of sleep (barely), went to library for meeting, walked to groupmate's flat to wake him up (πŸ˜‚), and still got a test (no time to rest #rhyminggenius) later at 330. Not bad for the last day of Lent term eh 😏😏 if I survive this I can survive anything! Right now I'm not even tired I'm just woozy/dazed and I don't feel anything. Just a floating sensation – jk I ain't high

so yeah!!! guys, pray for me!!! it's 20% of my score this test and ofc our biggest accomplishment thus far, completing the group report in ONE NIGHT!!!! (1.5k words) with zero sleep in between. Although something happened that pissed me off then I think I was just being butthurt lol disregarding that, I'm happy with everything so far.

just randomly saw someone's dayre post about their birthday and it was a surprise picnic 😟 JEALOUS INWANT THAT

Things r getting bad when u dont know if yr back ache is from sitting too much at the library or from the gym session in the morning

me when on an exercise high after gym now at 10:11am. Decided to do fasted cardio bc last night's popcorn chicken + fries cannot be a good idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ at least I burned 286 calories!!! Heheeh ok my guilt is reduced slightly now but seriously, did the freaking rowing machine again and MY SHOULDERS R DYING!!! But there's something so appealing about feeling the ache/burn immediately that I can't stop myself.
For that machine I did a HIIT workout where I went hard for a min (10 cals) then rested for-

20-30s! Hopefully it counts as HIIT ah I anyhow one HAHAHA!! Did it for a total of 8 mins?? No joke ok they extrapolated that if I continued at that speed I would be burning ~500+ cals in an hour??? DAZ NUTS!! But obviously I ain't no robot so I obv will die before I even reach half hour lol…slowly but surely, any improvement is great for me for now!! Gonna work up to 100cals in one session at the rowing thing the next time! πŸ™‚

Oh and just a reminder that my groupmates for 110 just literally HAD AN ALL NIGHTER till 6 just to finish work and for once I feel like the most useless/slacker of the group πŸ’© ok granted most of them were doing their essays and I'd already handed in mine but still LOL ya gurl was up watching WahlieTV and what's more – I left the LAPTOP ON till I woke up at 3am to turn it off. Also my tap was running at 3am from when I forgot to turn it off when I was soaking my undies 🌚😰 fml man this memory


πŸ˜‘ when a bit of Sun hits UK

Me running away from wired bras

lmao wtf this cat sticker looks like he got high…..

some bonding time w QT πŸ™‚

she bought the black mask so I volunteered as tribute!!!! much telepathy?? i was literally searching for that on amazon!!! but they were either 1) too ex or 2) bad reviews , guess this is the universe rewarding me for saving $$ hehe

edit: Just realised I look like crap HAHAHAH but iz ok I accept myself

if u've ever been broke/a student in the UK…you know to always keep these #ukliving

imagine daz me but on the elliptical…woohooo!!! going to the gym tomorrow w J πŸ™‚ and we started a No-Sugar Diet starting today too, so far it's going well. i mean duh it's barely been 3 meals HAHA. positive things to take note: 200 words left to final completely my essay!!! yesss!!! i peeked into the submission box today and frick there were already essays inside?! Yall mad?? I guess there really are students on opp sides of the spectrum lol i have friends who barely wrote 200 words so far 🌚

so yes, decided to make use of the yellow beans & ikan bilis I lugged here for sg so here's the yellow bean soup!!! tastes p good & similar to the ones at home. most importantly simple – just chop everything up and boil in the pot! #domestichuhπŸ™„
ps. can't wait for the end of Friday bc that would be the short term of my troubles (for now) so so so excited for my breAk!!! #notetoself: exchange money! #justadultthings :')

also, public service announcement, these multivitamins taste like actual CRAP. yknow like when you submit an essay that you bullshitted through and the teacher receives it? i would assume she has this exact taste in her mouth lol…
tbh i'm only taking this bc my mum makes me and i only just restarted last night PLEASE WORK YER MAGIC….can make me smarter also? thx

WHAT THE FUX!!!!!!!!1!1!!!

Basically I just received a notif fr whatsapp saying that my version of the app will expire in 30 days (which idek if it's true or nah πŸ˜‘) so bobian I updated it after not touching my app store in AGES!!!! Pls laoniang still on iOS9 if that's telling u anythjng. LOL can u see the shitty reviews???? Rly fux it better not hang my phone man this Senior citizen is alr 2+ years old I'm crying plus after the batt replacement incident alr takes a toll on the batt life….hopefully nothing shittier-

HAPPENS!!!! PS. GUSSS WHO FINISHED HER STUPS OWT ESSAY!!! Hehehee :-)))) sooo happy I can't believed I googled "how to add 100 words to your essay" LOL and I got caught red handed by J ytd somemore lmao. But luxkily the suggestions were all crappy so now I have the real answer to how to add 100 words: SACRIFICE SOME BRAIN JUICE TO DA GODS and u shall get 100 words!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ think I'm high or something. Still need to get research done for proj and clean my room bc there's room inspection PLUS-

i need to hide my kettle i keep in my room #asian HAHAHA srsly but it's so much more convenient to avoid awk kitchen run-ins….ya self reminder to find a hiding place for said kettle. AND OMG I NEED TO DO LAUNDRY if I say how long I've not done laundry for I'm gon HAVE IT ONLINE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND MY FUTURE HUSBAND MIGHT SEE so better not HAHJAJAA i promise i'm rly hygienic and clean ok maybe not RLY rly but I'm hygienic at normal level OK bye

ignore my ugly drawings…but timecheck!!!! (2:07am) and IM DONE W MY ESSAY!!!! WHO IS THE QUEEN OF CHIONGING NOW TELL ME!!! Didnn't even need an all nighter :') thank god Imm finally done, ok la I'm like 100 words away but I'm gonna leave that till tmr cos my brain juice for today is rly maxed out. At least ai'm all done w biblio and all, gonna final check tmr and submit!!! HEHE TAKE THAT! First time ever early submissions way before deadline πŸ™‚

back to my latest obsession πŸ™‚ WAHLIETV is the bomb!!! Such a complementary couple who are both nutcases in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE! Love them so much and their pets Money, Michi….omg. I'm crying. They r real relationship goals!!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


testing out the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation after being ~mind-controlled~ by certain youtubers. HAHAHA blame my shit af self control! At least it was Β£9.99 at Boots, who knows how much it costs in sg. #justification
So far it's doing really good in UK's dry weather, and my skin still feels really light so that's good I guess. It's supposedly a medium/buildable coverage, perfect for everyday use but one thing I rly hate is how much it accentuates my "yellow" skin UGHHH WHYYYY IT SO GROSS

ok la act cute pose πŸ™‚πŸŽ‰