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A rock in the middle of the goddamn rushing river. The water just courses over you over and over and over. (and over, but you get my drift, AYE PUN INTENDED)

How many more times??



My Italy Trip ❤️❤️❤️

Herrrrlo people!!!! I am BACK. (For a bit) & sorry I been gone, if anyone cares hahaha

Recently I been listening to some Avicii (good stuff) and two of the lines from his song “The Nights” really stuck out to me – “One day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember,” and “when you get older your wild heart will live for younger days” and I totally cried la ok 😥 I realised, hey, this is my “younger days”!!! And how lucky I am to have the chance to travel the world with no baggage and responsibilities. So why not document it all? #thankyouAvicii


Okay bc it’s easier for me on WordPress phone version, I’ll do it this way. Pics and then my chunk of text. K? OKAY.

// Our first stop was Milan. We reached at night because of a late departure plus we kinda had the airbnb in the outskirts. But Milan is really highly accessible so we got around by tram and it was no problem at all. And TA DA!!!! Damn, got lost navigating around at first but we spotted the Duomo! It was a sight to behold, even though I’ve been to the one in Florence. A quick google search reveals that it is dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity. (And took 6 centuries to complete, wow)

The next day we wanted to go into the Duomo so we actually queued ~1hour for that. Thank god it wasn’t hot or anything. But we did end up only spending 10 mins in there cos god knows why they turned off the lights halfway and the service looked like it was about to begin. #toughluck but ya, got some pics outside so it was all good!

After that we walked around the touristy/shopping area and it was soooo long! If you like shopping/have big bucks to spare then Milan is your jam for sure! But we were poor so we got a gelato instead ahhaah. It was amazing though!! (Pix inserted)

Right next to the Duomo was Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It was a grand “mall” area that housed some big designer brands & attracted a lot of rich Chinese people. Noice for pix and for spending (again) I hope you see the running theme here. Unfortunately it was raining a lil bit at the time but we braved it & decided to check out this canal area that was supposed to be nice & atmospheric! And that it was – kinda reminded me of Clarke Quay with a lot of pubs and watering holes. The buildings were colourful and picturesque. And we ended off the day with kimchi stew! But not before we were followed by a random drunk! Fun times!!!! Oh and that ain’t even the half of it…the things I could say about our experiences in Italy lol. NUMBER FIVE MIGHT SHOCK YOU!!!!

Ciao. Will update asap


Proof that embarrassment follows me EVERY I GO…I was adjusting my shirt in the Shoryu toilet last night & I frickin pulled the emergency string next to the toilet bowl LOL the staff was outside in about 3s. & he kept asking "ARE YOU ALRIGHT IN THERE?" Omg super embarrassing plus there were 3 girls waiting for the toilet so they all saw & they were laughing at/with me 😢😢😢😢

Fucking naive