I’m a mess 

Thanks to you



Perhaps now is the right time to share the (little, but nontheless, crucial) details of our short albeit eventful day in TW!!! Seeing as I’m feeling ratchet af & STILL sick (sore throat u r the absolute devil) I shall try my best to give a good run-down of the day. 

Well, we obviously woke up late, ~11am since checkout was loosely stated as before 12 which, to gung-ho us means, start final packing at 1130ish. 

After packing and leaving our luggage at the concierge (if u could call a random empty plot of space at the hotel lobby that, lel) we had ~2 hours to kill (before 麻辣) so we decided to hang around the area. The most dramatic part though…..yours truly  threw a bitchfit LMAOOOOO and let’s just say the atmosphere was less than satisfactory which resulted in no-talking-to-one-another for like what, 1-1.5hours?? 

Also allowed me to walk around and take some photos of the gorgeous area that is Ximen though. The murals/graffiti (it’s literally all too good to even be called graffiti) never cease to amaze me even though I see it all practically everyday. Well, after brisk-walking (rudely) into random nooks & crannies/alleys I discovered this entire park-like area that was FILLED with graffiti. Too bad for my crappy mood that day or else I would have JUMPED at the photo opp. However I did take pix of the murals (duh) since I was alrd there- might as well. 

And, you’re welcome

And let me just add that these murals weren’t even MERELY life sized, they we the size of the freaking entire WALL fak. I’m so boggled by how they managed to do it so well 😭

Ok after that we made up and went to chill & Mac w the last remaining coins that we could pitch together lol, then Mala

It was ~500 TWD (plus or minus cos taxes I think) and it was tbh not life-changing or anything for me but still worth it! For the amount of food we managed to stuff into our mouths. And they had free flow meat/ice cream idk which aspect excited me more (hah if you know me at all you’ll know it’s Definitely the ice cream) and plus their ice cream is not even some tomdick&harry brand it’s FREAKING Mövenpick & Haagen Dazs can?!!? Sigh times like these I wanna move to TW and eat like a king and pay like a normal person lmao why is the cost of living so high in sg…..I cannot fathom!!!! 

Decided to end the trip on a high by dapao-ing our favvvvv food of the trip so far-Jinfeng Luroufan!!! IT’S RLY BOMB.Com i cannot emphasize more!!! PLS TRY IF U EVER GO TO XMD!!!!! Hm and then it was time to go to the airport where we waited V long once again #nightflightprobs and #thankgodforunlimited4ginTW 

Yup, can we look at that cute mixed bb boy we saw PLS he totally melted the hearts of all the China tourists lmao they were all tryna feed him stuff which now that I think of it is kinda weird and suspicious lmao. 

But all in all, good trip!!!! Here’s to more travelling in 2K16! 

Thank you TW for being amazing(-ly HOT LEL) xxxxxxxx


If we were rain, I’d be the drizzle but you were my hurricane

Half hearted quote right there in the title of this post. I was thinking of the good ol’ days. I wish that friendships are capable of lasting forever. I so do wish that. If there’s any one friendship I’d choose to keep forever, it’d have to be yours.

Whatever time we had together, it was all a damned wild ride. With you, the sun shone brighter, the grass grew greener and the birds chirped louder. Everything was just, well, better. I was happier.

I remember that one outing we had to Vivo. It was a brilliant afternoon spent dipping our feet into the water, splashing about yet trying to take good photos. No regrets meeting you in Photog, none at all, even if our friendship was shortlived.

I remember how you hated to take photos, and I would always try to terrorize you with my handy camera.

When I was with you, it was like nothing/no one else mattered. We’d always be a nuisance in public, laughing loudly at our inside jokes or gossip. It was plain fun.

There was this one time we were touching this bunny costume, do you remember? It FREAKING MOVED. We got scared shitless cos the guy in the bunny suit yelled boo. We ran and laughed and laughed and ran all the way through Vivo. That was exhilaration. I love you so much. I’m bitter that we’re no longer friends but I believe that some people are put into our lives to teach us something. And you taught me to make the best out of everything, and (I’m still learning this but) to always, ALWAYS fight for what you want. I didn’t and I’ll always regret that I let you leave without putting up a fight.

Miss you loads, A.H

Kinda figured I might as well do Day 5 and the rest?? 

YO WADDUP FOLKS R U EXCITED HUH!!!! Day 5!!!!!! WooOoOooOoh00OoOoO 🙂

Actually it is not a v exciting day bc we only went to exchange money (#POOR) and Gongguan Night Market and I donn’t even have pix of GGNM(?!) ok for the same of readers I’m gonna combine this w day 6 ya!!! 

We did see some interesting sights??? A huge sort of protest for TW to join China I think and it was mainly older males idk why!! Well didn’t stop to find out more cos we needed our MONEY!! Went to 星空三月 I think that’s what it’s called which was a dept store that thank God did money exchange (outside of banks) we were rly sick of spending like poor people LMAO…..basically. Went to Songshan for Chiate!!! Tai yangbing here we come! Hehehehe it was rly good!! If yall go, PLS get the sugar/milk biscuits ITS RLY BOMB……I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN. And the milk pastry, sigh. 

Ok moving on to the next day…much more exciting!!! DAN SHUI! 

Once again WordPress fails me w the non-chronological order 

First of all, let me just say I would 100% recommend Dan Shui as a destination (AND that u go there on the same day as Shilin Night Market cos it’s on the same line!) Dan Shui/Tamsui is basically the last stop of the line so yeah just take note! Took us about 40 mins? From Taipei Train Station stop! 🙂 but if you are UNFORTUNATELY heading there in July when the sun is right above TW then good luck…bring lots of sunblock + fan + cap + umbrella + ANYTHING ELSE THAT WILL NOT MAKE U A DRENCHED AND ANGRY /tourist/ or monster. A hungry man is an angry man? Try a BURNT man…guaranteed 1000x worse impact. 

We took a bus from Tamsui station to the bridge!! Apparently it’s called Lovers Bridge lol pls go with lover instead if u have a choice. Tamsui is rly beautiful and they have endless offerings of things to do which I honestly would have done if I aren’t dead broke ya (#protip: SAVE SOME MONEY FOR RAINY DAY) they had pasar malam games (eg. Throwing darts to pop balloons) and a lot a lot of food that looked rly good cos it was so hot at that time…iced fruit juices/fruits/ice kachang (sort of???) and they even had boat tours to bring you around on the sea. I literally felt super bad cos I was broke HAHAHAH. 

Yep…last stop of the day was Shilin! Honestly didn’t live up to my expectations. It was just a couple of streets with street stalls scattered around and it was q messy tbh. But I’ve since heard that they relocated part of the night market underground into like a hawker-centre style place! If yall find it feel free to have a good time and comment where yall found it cos we were rly lost and appalled at the (small) size of Shilin??? The sole consolation was that I finally had my cheese potato that I’ve been looking for since day 1!!! Yayyyyyy and had this amazing iced cranberry+ lemon juice wow it was amazeballs!!! Can I also add that winds at Tamsui were rly crazy and…my umbrella broke LEL ya end of story good day so bye!!!! 

TAIWAN DAY #4!!! ✨✨✨

OLA PEOPLE I AM BAK! After a night of gr8 fun 😉 jk heh

SO…on day 4 of Taiwan, we did a bunch of things! 

Oh my god…..Wordpress h8s me…so I just realised that the order of the photos are all messed up and because I’m a lazy fk I’m gonna just explain it in words ok live with it!!! 

Breakfast was at the real Yonghe Dou Jiang again!!! Bc it was that good and I had the bun & carrot cake which was RLY ErY BOMB!! Btw the fake shop at the Mango ice stall SUX BALLS don’t go there!!! Use google maps to find this one rly 100^288383 x better la. After that we went on our way to Jiufen/Shifen. 

Juifen was first on the list and basically how we got there was (I’m gonna try to be as concise as possible ya bear w me) we went to Taipei main station > took the 台铁 (which is diff from 高铁!!) and tho the lady told us it could be paid by the EASYCARD (which is like Taipei’s ezlink) and it could but apparently u can buy tix which would guarantee u a seat so pls read this post and I hope u got a seat cos it was kind of a long ride to Ruifang station (45mins??) > then at Ruifang we had to take a bus! The bus stop is rly kind of near the train station and I can’t explain it but basically there’s rly good directions! If all else fails then stop being a hermit and actually ask the TW people bc they r rly nice!! Yepp at the bus stop itself there were taxi drivers trying to entice/con tourists into taking taxi to Jiufen and err I rly would not recommend it unless u ballin cos the bus is only 15TWD compared to god knows how ex the cab is! Ya we reached Jiufen fairly easily but I rmb it was fuckin hot as it was pretty much every other day yeah. Hid in the souvenir store and got bombarded w so much Chinese cos we were looking for keychains w our Chinese characters haha. 

Not sure why I have so few pix of Jiufen but All I rmb was admiring the view v briefly from this place we ducked into the have MORE 红茶 omg I had so much of that in TW itself….more than my coffee intake which is saying something…! 

Yeah Jiufen is supposed to be Spirited Away’s inspiration w things like the mask shops/endless steps/red lanterns and all but I barely saw resemblance tbh and not to mention that all we wanted to do was get out of the place bc it was getting unbearably hot.! However the food was pretty good; like fried squid & peanut ice cream wrapped in some skin?? And the milk tea (yes. Tea again) 

We moved on to Shifen after that and it was a huge hooha cos we were toe-ing the line between broke & comfort which was choosing the bus vs taxi! Ended up walking back and forth thanks to not so good directions and hesitation but bus it was bc money probz. 15TWD again so the price was fine. Again u’ll encounter the ever so persistent taxi drivers trying to convince u that buses don’t go to Shifen bla bla bla….word of advice: ignore. 

Once at Shifen we did what we went all the way there to do: 放天灯. Ended up writing a lot of 没有墨水 nonsense while everyone literally spat out chinese phrase after phrase and we have 单身再见 LMAO. 

Btw if I failed to mention, Shifen & Jiufen are some stops on the Pingxi line so other blogs have recommended u get the day pass or something but we didn’t do that. And for some reason Shifen had a lot of cats!!’ Hehehe my fave but not Jose’s so ya some pix here and there feat cats! 

Shifen station! V picturesque 🙂 

Conclusion: railway tracks make for good photo opps. Oh and there was this bridge at Shifen which actl got quite scary ahahaha….#pussy 

Left for Taipei finally afer practically spending the entire travelling around. Chanced upon what has come to be our fave street artiste at XMD again and he was singing my baby’s songs (JJ lin btw) oh and also 你好不好 which is Jose’s fave song that time ahaha. We even have a full vid of his performance which was v good. Ngl I was hanging arounf waiting for JJ to pop out and discover this talent which ofc made me disappointed ya bc obv he didn’t appear AHAHAJZ YA IT WAS A GOOD DAY IN GENERAL 


Day 3 of TW

What up pals I’m back again and you know what that means….🤔


Jk….it means, update time!!! 

As you can prolly tell from the TAI-tle 😂 this post is gonna be about day 3! Basically this day was q chill, woke up late and had breakfast at a cafe! Not really cheap by TW/SG standards but it was rly good!’ Then we went to 师大 and the night market. Also visited NTU (National Taiwan University) otw and it was cool! 

Btw try 50Lan it’s really not bad!!


Ok I’m super bored at work so I’ll update Day 2 of TW!!! Might do days 2 & 3 tgt since I don’t think we did much on the second day. Pardon me I can’t rly remember what we did on which day so ya gonna rely purely on the chronological sequence of my photos in the phone LEL. 

Took a brief look at my phone gallery omg and I REMEMBER NOW. We were acting like ballers that entire day because #SECONDDAYONLY #ALOTOFMONEYLEFR #WHENINACTUALFACTNOTALOT 

We went to Taipei 101!!! There’s an MRT station near it so don’t worry! Ok I just checked for yall cos I’M SO NICE!!! (It’s Xiangshan line, Taipei 101 station btw Xiangshan line is red!!) 

As u can see it was really fucjing hot I think it might have been one of those 38 deg days?!?? Not even kidding man. Tbh there’s nothing much up there mainly cos we didn’t go and we went into the Agnes B cafe to hide from the sun LMAO. 

AGnes B cafe!!’ Tbf the cake and latte was good!!! Try if u feeling rich like we did LEL

Xiaohigh by myself in the train cos Jose was doing her bidding LMAOSINC WWE didn’t wanna waste a trip there we decided to head to 中正纪念堂 solely cos it was on the red line as well!! Turns out it was q a good place to take photos as u can see!! We also learnt a bit about 蒋介石 la obviously 🙄🙂had milk tea agin BC NEED TO HIDE FORM THE SUN AHAHAHAHHAJA I CANNOT HANDLE THIS. Looking back it’s actl quite ridiculous the number of times we ate at some random palce just to have air con…….
So here!!! I thinj it was on the way back! (To Taipei 101) cos we wanted to eat DTF!! Yknow the one that all tourists go to?! Ya we ate there. Cos we were tourists what…..duh. LOL surprise surprise! We reached back at the station at about 430 and we beat the dinner q!!!! Crazy but yeah did it. Ordered fried rice + zhajiang mian + XLB (obv) and it was ok but not mindblowing which I confess I’m sad about. Dabao-ed the rice cos OUR STOMACHS ARE HUMAN NOT LIKE COWS WHO HAVE FOUR ok maybe Jose has (JK) but not me!!!! 

After that we went home (to Art’otel) to NUA LIKE THE BALLS OF FATS WE ARE!!! Almost cancelled night plans for the day cos the hotel has a good selection of channels ranging from 哥哥 (LOL INSIDE JOKES) to 康熙来了 to Korean dramas and I really didn’t wanna leave but to make our TW trip worth it basically I gathered my limited discipline and made a compromise to take a taxi to Raihe night market!!! Turns out it was a good decision and it was the best night market imo!!! I even called the concierge (lazy level 292838 cos they were literally at our doorstep LMAO NO KID WE WERE RIGHT BEHIND THE CONCIERGE) and he said we could reach there in 150 TWD or smth AND SUCH LIES COS IT WAS 200 TWD!!! 

Took this photo cos I was q amazed that TW was left hand drive!!! 

Us at Raohe!!! Lmai I rmb thie scene when I wanted a photo w the gate and Jose talked to this other couple and said 我帮你们拍,你帮我们拍 LMAO BARTER TRADE……

Raohe was amazing albeit short!!’ Other blogs said it’s about 600m long only but I guess if u walk there and back it’s 1.2k? #math hahaha so yeah at this night market cos if was our first we bought random stuff like the phone charged portable fan thing/totoro stuff for me & K and a lot a lot a lot of food. I think I saw cheese potato at the (technical) enf of the market cos we alighted fr the taxi at the wrong side and ended up squeezing in the opp current as the waves of people also walking arnd. Phew not a good exp man!!

The most memorable thing to me was the bbq scallop!!! SUPER GOOD even though Ineventually realised it was just soy sauce I think!! Long wait but SUPER WORTH QND I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE STICKS..jose ate a lot of stuff she saidbwas nice also like some prawn on a stick/mochi/chicken in a sausage I think and oh I ate chillinpowder bbq oyster mushrooms!’ (6/10) deng deng deng!!!!! WE HAVE REACHED THE CLIMx!! I actl ate 臭豆腐 and almost single handedly destroyed our friendship in the process of forcing jose to eat this HAHAHAHAHAHAH and she still didn’t eat!!! #UNFRIENDOH AND HERE was whr Jose discovered her one true love (Move aside, boys) 豆花冰!!!n i tried and tbh it was good but what made it heavenly was rly the fucking blistering weather la so anyone who wants a franchise idea- try this?? Maybe it’s the nezt Bake cheesetart ahahaha!! Jk but seriously if u bring it in must credit MOI!!! 
Yup the end of Day 2!!! Wow didn’t expect it to be so long a post wowowoww my bullshitting skills ahahhahaajk